The City of Clearwater provides multiple parking options for guests coming to the Clearwater Beach area.  With so many people coming in, parking is limited. Traffic tends to back up over the Causeway Bridge to Clearwater Beach, during peak season, weekends, holidays and events.


Company events. What better way to bond with your co-workers than to be on the water together at Clearwater Beach!  Encounters with Dolphins is a perfect destination for business outings, creating a light-hearted and playful experience for everyone. 

Birthday parties. Bring your party hats!  And the dolphins might too.  Come celebrate your birthday with us, and we’ll make sure it’s an unforgettable one.   Birthdays come and go, but a memorable one lasts a lifetime.

Wedding proposals. There’s nothing more romantic than a surprise wedding proposal on a boat full of people you love.  Or proposing on compass Island that could be a part of your private tour. Whichever you choose, the dolphins may sneak-a-peak to wish you congratulations!

Bachelor and bachelorette parties. Are you getting married? Cool!  You bring alcoholic beverages, and we’ll bring the ice and coolers—what a fun way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter.  And, by the way, dolphins always love a flippin’ good party!

Rehearsal dinner socials. Creative is the thing to be these days when planning a wedding.  Why not have your rehearsal dinner on a boat cruising around the Clearwater Harbor?   And, maybe you’ll have more than just your family and friends joining you for the celebration––we heard there are dolphins out there!

Weddings. If you get married on our boat or at Compass Island, dolphins are sometimes known to crash weddings!  And, we can’t think of a more majestic wedding crasher than that, can you?  Of course, it doesn’t always happen, but exchanging your vows on the water is pretty spectacular in itself. So, you can feel rest assured Encounters with Dolphins will make sure your dream wedding comes true. 

Family and friend social gatherings. Sometimes it gets boring doing the same stuff over and over again.  Whether it’s over the holidays, summer, or just an ordinary weekend, planning a boat trip with Encounters with Dolphins is a great way to mix things up!  Did you know dolphins are family-oriented and extremely social?  Yep, they can teach us a thing or two!  



We know there are other dolphin boat tour companies at Clearwater Beach to choose from, and we guarantee you’ll be happy you chose us!

Book your seats today online or via phone.  All reservations require payment at the time of booking.  We’re excited to hear from you!

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Encounters With Dolphins

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