Whether you take our private charter boat or a tour boat to see the dolphins, our mission is to give you the best and most memorable vacation experience possible.  Operating for 20 years, Encounters with Dolphins takes pride in how we entertain, educate, and inspire environmental awareness, while giving you a taste of the wild in nature.


Have you ever wondered why dolphin cruises at Clearwater Beach (including all coastal areas across the globe) are so popular these days?  Well, it all started in the mid-1960s, when the T.V. show called Flipper––about a bottle-nosed dolphin––captured the hearts of the millions of viewers.  People fell in love and wanted to meet a dolphin in real life, leading to the rise of marine parks and dolphin shows.  Back then, nobody understood how intelligent these majestic creatures are or how vital it is for them to live and thrive in the wild.   Dolphins living in small artificial pools seemed okay because of their deceptive smile, making them look happy all the time.

But the truth is, dolphins aren’t smiling at all, it’s just how their jaws are. Nobody knew what was going on behind it. Nowadays, people are waking up to this knowledge, and the good of humanity is choosing to experience dolphins in their natural habitats.  To swim with the dolphins isn’t what it used to beHere, at Encounters with Dolphins, our version is taking a trip on our tour boat and watching the dolphins swim and play in the ocean waves.  A truly magical moment to experience, you’ll feel the thrill and excitement as if you’re swimming alongside them in the water. 


With so much to see and so much to experience, Encounters with Dolphin’s boat tours depart multiple times every day from the Clearwater Beach Marina.  And, the best part is we understand that one size fits all doesn’t apply to everyone, so we’re excited to offer a few boat tour options:

Daily Dolphin Cruise – This boat is for the general public and operates all day long. Our 40-foot custom-made pontoon boat was built in 2019 and comfortably sits 38 people.

Private Dolphin Cruise – Same full-length boat, however, we offer private tours and special event bookings including:

  • company events
  • birthday parties
  • wedding proposals
  • bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • rehearsal dinner socials
  • weddings
  • family and friend social gatherings

Private Sea Ray SDX 250 boat tour – The newest addition to our fleet with a passenger limit of 6, we’re excited to announce our new customizable private boat trip! This option comes with a personal captain who is meeting your touring needs are at every turn.

Speed, comfort and a perfect social layout, the 25-foot Sea Ray is an exciting option for making your Clearwater Beach experience an unforgettable one.




Veteran owned and successfully operating for over 20 years, Encounters with Dolphins not only guarantees dolphin sightings but fun entertainment along the way.  From comfortable seating on our boats to our amusing and educational tour guide narrating, we promise a lively and enjoyable journey from start to finish.  

Known for our site-seeing and sunset cruises, we strive to be the best in the dolphin excursion company thru:

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Exceptional Customer Service

Whether it’s a pre-planned trip or a spur of the moment idea (if there’s room), we always make sure you get the most out of your boat tour.  If you don’t see a dolphin, no problem!  We’ll give you a free trip to use within 30 days, guaranteeing a dolphin sighting.  That’s because we highly value our customers.  If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be doing what we love– creating the best boat touring experience for you and your people.

A Top-notch, Certified and Fun-filled Crew

All of our crew members value nature, education, and giving the best vacation experience possible.  Working hard to meet all our customers ‘ needs, we always look for the most helpful, outgoing, and high integrity people to join the crew.  At Encounters with Dolphins, our crew members love what they do, creating a fun-filled and inspiring experience for everyone.  All captains are U.S. Coast Guard certified professional captains. 

Our Boats Are Safe and Secure

At Encounters with Dolphins, safety always comes first.  Our Coast Guard inspected boats exceed U.S. Coast Guard requirements for tour boats.  They are meticulously maintained receiving daily, weekly and monthly maintenance to ensure the safety of all our passengers and crew members.  Our boats are outfitted with more emergency equipment than we are allowed passengers.  They have guard rails to ensure the safety of all passengers including small children as they view the dolphins in their natural habitat just doing dolphin stuff or sometimes even jumping in and out of the waves. 

We Stop at Compass Island

Not only do we guarantee dolphin sightings, but we offer other fun things to do at Clearwater Beach.  Every boat trip stops at Compass Island (a small island located in the intracoastal waterway), where you can collect shells, swim, snorkel, and kids can even hunt for treasure! Enjoying the peace and relaxation on the beach while soaking up your vitamin D, Compass Island is just another added perk to Encounters with Dolphins boat tours.  We even include the use of snorkel gear free of charge!

A Kid-friendly Environment

We love entertaining families, no matter what age the kids are!  Kids love dolphins, and dolphins love to show off, so it’s an automatic kid-friendly experience.  And, don’t forget the Compass Island destination. There’s plenty to do to create a perfect kid-friendly environment because boredom isn’t a part of our vocabulary.

Amazing Private Boat Charters

We offer private boat tours and cruises, customized for you and friends, family, co-workers, etc.  Whether it’s for business, family, or just a social thing to do, we’ll make sure your time and money are worth spending with us.  We’re open to all suggestions, ideas, or just keeping it the same.  Morning, during the day or sunset, we cater to you and all your dolphin excursion needs.


There’s no need to spend extra money. You can bring your own food and drink.  Yes, that includes beer.  As long as your cooler can sit on a lap and you drink in moderation, we’re happy for you to enjoy the cruise with your own refreshments.  We do, however, offer an assortment of chips and drinks for purchase onboard.

A Bathroom is Onboard

Don’t worry. There is a bathroom available for use.


Our boat excursions depart from the Clearwater Marina multiple times every day.  Every boat trip navigates around the Clearwater Harbor for an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes, guided by our highly trained crew.  For twenty to thirty minutes during the cruise, our 40-foot Coast Guard inspected excursion boat will stop at Compass Island, where you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach, swim, snorkel (gear is provided) and shell hunt.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity as Encounters with Dolphins is the only dolphin boat tour departing from the Clearwater Beach Marina that includes an island adventure.  Besides seeing dolphins, stopping at Compass Island only adds to the fun things to do in Clearwater Beach. 

As stated above, if a public cruise is not your thing, our boats are available for private charters as well. If you’re looking for something more intimate with friends and family on the water, we can accommodate.  All you have to do is contact us to let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll customize the perfect plan for you.  

Click here to read our itinerary or here to learn more about our private charters. 




We know there are other dolphin boat tour companies at Clearwater Beach to choose from, and we guarantee you'll be happy you chose us!

Book your seats today online or via phone.  All reservations require payment at the time of booking.  We’re excited to hear from you!



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